Terri Danelle – ‘Sacrifice’

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An up-and-coming artist with a penchant for blending soul, jazz, and hip-hop into a vibrant and wonderfully distinct sound, Terri Danelle has become one of the most exciting talents on our radar. After impressing the world with debut single ‘Ain’t No Love Song’ in 2019, Terri is back in the spotlight with her new single ‘Sacrifice’, a glistening pop anthem taken straight from her upcoming EP.

Born in New Zealand and currently based in Western Australia, Terri has been cultivating a deeply personal style of songwriting for years, blending her own experiences and emotions with vibrant melodies and lustrous pop aesthetic. While her debut single might have first put her in the spotlight, it's ‘Sacrifice’ that has really placed Terri into the public consciousness, showcasing her talents and proving that she is an artist capable of speaking directly to her audience’s hearts and minds.

Packed with heavy guitar riffs that set the stage perfectly for the single, ‘Sacrifice’ sees Terri muse on romance and loss as the track gradually builds to a cathartic crescendo and a truly memorable hook. Terri’s blues influences are on full display as well, and she packs every line full of emotion, creating a distinct retro soul and modern pop hybrid that will soon be setting fire to the international airwaves.

Terri Danelle grew up in a vibrant musical family that sang, performed, and celebrated their Maori culture. On making music, the versatile soul singer explained, “Music is my therapy, and I believe it shows through my songs. The way I view and see the world is my biggest inspiration for my music. I want to connect with people through music and have them feel my emotions, my heart, and my thoughts, through my words and voice.”

You can stream ‘Sacrifice’ today on Spotify and Soundcloud, and be sure to follow Terri on her social media pages below to ensure you never miss a release.

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