Little Guilt - ‘I Do Everything Around the House’

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Little Guilt’s debut EP ‘I Do Everything Around The House’  is undeniably a triumph. They distill and bottle the expansiveness of the mundane to create a comforting and reassuring presence through fuzzed out guitars, airy vocals and shimmering percussion.

Their sound is awash with the familiarity of suburbia - creating a foundation of observational lyricism that zooms in on the vignettes of the everyday.  They remind us of the tenderness of existence and make us feel inextricably bound to the human experience through gentle and carefree music. Traversing experiences of joy, insecurity, and procrastination, the band use their harmonious vocal tones and instrumentation to form a thick consistent dusting across the tracks, meticulously bonding the various  vignettes of a confusing modern life into one cohesive body of work that is piercingly relatable.

The name of the EP 'I Do Everything Around The House' is a clear example of the themes of the EP. Pulled from the common domestic squabble of housework, the phrase was taken directly from one between lead vocalist Ella and her boyfriend captured on a demo recording for ‘Nowhere’.

The band explained, “At the time we didn’t have much meaning to the title…  Now when we hear it, it represents sticking up for yourself and “knowing your self worth”. Confidence is something we lack from time to time, so the name of this EP is a reflection on how we felt over these past few months while recording it and it holds a lot of meaning to us.”

Creating music that is empathetic to its core, Little Guilt follow in the footsteps of front runners Middle Kids, Stella Donnelly, and Angus & Julia Stone who also toe the line between indie-dream-pop and gentle rock with captivating voices and a keen eye for emotionally piercing lyrics. Recorded at Soak Sounds in North Dandalup, the track was mixed by up-and-coming producer Dylan Keirnan and mastered by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, Half Moon Run). The EP features four previously unheard tracks, the first of which, ‘Tasty Lies’ features a surprise guest vocal from keyboard-turned-vocalist Lachlan “Mop” Thompson. Born from necessity after lead vocalist Ella had covid, the surprising result has changed the trajectory of the band.

Little Guilt continued, “This EP is super special to us, as we’ve tried going down a slightly different path with our music by chucking Mop in the deep end to sing. When Ella had covid he rescued the day for guide vocals and stole the whole song because of how great it sounded! We are all huge Angus and Julia Stone fans and we intend to use Mop’s vocals more from now on.”

Perfectly crafted to be a shoulder to lean on when overwhelmed by the constant pressures of modern life, Little Guilt provides the perfect soundtrack to a modern world, filled with relatable worries and shared joys. 

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