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Little Guilt - 'Nowhere'

  • 2 min read

Little Guilt evokes a gentle contentment of the meandering through life, reminiscent of springtime bees lazily bumbling through buttercups. Wrapped up in utterly tender lyrics and delightful sonics, their latest single ‘Nowhere’ is a triumph.

‘Nowhere’ is sonically grounded by an acoustic guitar which seemingly thrums without beginning or end -  like the eternal and ceaselessness of a gentle summer breeze. This single is a bittersweet sigh of youth, encapsulating the feeling of coming to terms with knowing yourself and finding comfort in the mundane of existence. The band explained, “Nowhere” is a song about procrastinating. It’s about wanting to do everything else but the thing you’re supposed to be doing. A very relatable topic for most people.”

In a similar vein to front runners Middle Kids, Ball Park Music and Stella Donnelly, who also toe the line between indie-dream-pop and gentle rock, Little Guilt add their own highly refined take. They work together as not just a band, but as friends - each playing into their own strengths. This results in a refined and cohesive body of work that has found fans of the American Clairo ecstatic at Australia’s very own answer to the burgeoning need for gentle lo-fi, analogue-washed sounds.

Accompanying this release are two launch shows in their hometown, sharing the stage with local supports. Saturday 17th September they will be playing at Fremantle venue The Aardvark accompanied by Sago, Ken Paolo, Space Cadets & King Ibis. In addition to this, Little Guilt will also be playing in Perth at The Sewing Room on Friday 14th October, supported by Bush Telly and more.

Ultimately, Little Guilt’s music is empathetic to its core -defined by captivating vocals with a keen eye for emotionally piercing lyrics. They have the rare power to lull you into a trusted sense of safety as the gentle sonic soundscape swaddle you in a cocoon of comfort. 

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