St. Humain - 'Memento'

St. Humain is a Singapore born, Sydney based singer, songwriter and producer whose music is a delicious amalgam of sounds and stories. The genre-agnostic artist blends pop and electronic with a healthy dose of R&B, to create something which is comfortably familiar, yet alluringly unknown.

St. Humain strives to represent the everyday person, delivering honest and relatable songs which speak about his own battles and looks to explore the emotions that make us human. 

Today, they're back with a new stunning tune 'Memento', ahead of his upcoming EP 'METADRAMATIC'. It originated as an idea from two friends in Indonesia: Songwriter Josh Palandi and producer Jon Mauliate. Jumping straight onto the track, St. Humain developed a pop-inspired ode to the remnants of a relationship and those bittersweet memories you often keep when things are hazy. He confides, "'Memento' came about from that core feeling of missing somebody, or longing for somebody at times. I wanted to express that emotion set against the dream land that is California. Imagine driving from state to state, trying to get back to where they are..."

These chronicles offer lyrical encapsulations into the mementos of a time gone by. Paired with St. Humain's blissful vocal energy that rises atop a bulging bassline and contagious Latin-inspired rhythm, 'Mememto' offers a truly enrapturing listening experience that pays homage to his love of pop, inspired by artists like Lauv, Blxst, and J Balvin.

Having released his debut EP, 'EMOTIONAL SAUNA', in 2019 with Capitol Records, to the acclaim of Billboard, Live Nation's Ones to Watch and Earmilk, to name a few, St. Humain is hoping to aid Asian representation in the music industry and prove that the dreams of a boy from the small country of Singapore aren't just dreams. Following the success of his previous single "Sad Sick Love Song", he has racked up over a million streams to date for his music and it's looking like he will continue to soar in success.

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