London’s Scarlett Woolfe leave an indelible mark with the release of ‘Poor Suzy’

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A talented London band and purveyors of infinitely enjoyable gothic rock, Scarlett Woolfe have recently released their debut single, challenging the current scene with an undeniable sound that will have you instantly ensnared. Titled ‘Poor Suzy’, the new track is cut from gothic poetry and vitriolic guitar movements, stitching itself together to create a personal message of “feministic peril.”

After refining their sound and style throughout 2023, the London-based band have carved out a brilliant path with their debut single, delivering a dark, alt-rock sound that draws you back to the heyday of visceral post-punk anthems. Reminiscent of Siouxsie and the Banshees, the song pulls no punches, combining spiked instrumentals and captivating vocals with a subtle pop edge.

Written by lead singer songwriter and poet Scarlett, the song deals bravely with topics of physical and psychological seclusion, telling the story of “a forgotten woman, cornered into life’s harsh fringes by chastening circumstances.” Caught by lyrics like “Poor Suzy, lying in the snow, poor Suzy, nowhere to go”, the band deliver a deeply immersive experience that will catch you off guard time and time again.

Aiming to embolden and unshackle, the five-piece project are carving out a lane for themselves in London’s gritty undercurrent. Delivering smouldering performative resonance and raw unerring personality, ‘Poor Suzy’ is a stirring showcase of prowess and promise from the emerging Scarlett Woolfe.

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