Molly Meaker channels ‘90s grunge in stellar debut single ‘Sertraline’

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Debuting to a sold-out show at Ronnie Scott's in July 2022, and most recently seen opening for Japanese Grammy award-winning band Chai, Molly Meaker has well and truly made her mark. An alt-rock artist to watch, Molly has recently shared her stellar debut single, capturing a raucous wave of ‘90s grunge and visceral art-rock.

Titled ‘Sertraline’ after the anti-depressant, the single is a striking introduction to Molly, showcasing her talent for raw, personal lyrics, dynamic guitar riffs, and unrelenting anthemics. Described by Molly as a “war cry to anyone who’s been put on the wrong fucking antidepressants,” the single is an honest, unwavering account of her experiences as a “medicated youth.”

In true form, Molly uses the single as a way to finally address her experience of being prescribed the wrong medication to treat her mental health disorders, as well as celebrating six months since Molly finished her treatment on antidepressants. Both cathartic and triumphant, as well as chaotic and unyielding, the single artfully drives back and forth, reflecting the turbulent experiences and shifting moods of Molly’s past. Packed to the brim with cresting sounds that shift from tempered drums and deep, grooving guitars to meteoric clashes of sound, ‘Sertraline’ is instantly addictive, walking a then, sporadic line between flowing alt-pop hooks and dominant grunge melodies.

A vital anthem for those still finding their way through their own mental health journey, ‘Sertraline’ is a single that bravely breaks down barriers, sharing a sense of comfort and letting listeners know they’re not alone. You can stream the single now on all streaming platforms.

Classically trained on viola, Molly attended various London conservatoires Saturday schools from the age of ten before learning guitar at fourteen alongside songwriting. Molly formed her trio in April 2023, and plays bass while performing her songs. Mentored by Alex Kate of Pax Records, Molly also works with vocal coach Hannah Williams (of Hannah Williams and the Affirmations) and producers Lou Sawdy and Neil Kennedy from Ranch Studios.

To date, Molly’s music has received praise from Julien Kindred (Grammy award winning producer) as well as other stand out members in the industry, proving beyond any shadow of a doubt, that she’s a star in the making.

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