lone wooF – ‘Roman Candles II’

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The musical project of the talented J. Benjamin Rose, lone wooF is an authentic stroll through nuanced acoustic territories, shaping melodies around a rustic rock frame. An artist we’ve been watching for a while, lone WooF has been crafting his own heartfelt sound for a few years now, arriving at a wholesome, textured sound that rings with his own unique experiences.

His latest single, ‘Roman Candles II’ is a perfect illustration of the quintessential lone wooF sound, and we couldn’t be happier to shine a spotlight on it. Armed with a rustic and wonderfully melodic sound, the new single is arguably one of his finest, offering an unapologetic look into the man behind the moniker.

Since he was a teen, lone WooF has been involved in a number of musical endeavours, taking part in bands that have opened for the likes of Fugazi and Kurt Vile, but his own solo work was never fully explored. Filled with potential, lone woof struggled to make his mark as a solo artist, and it sadly only got worse. As he explained, “I got sick. Like, really sick. Six months in the hospital, lose most of your liver sick. I decided to stop self-destructing and seek something new. I went from running the street, an addict, to the hospital. And as soon as I got out, I was on a flight to L.A. I didn't know what I wanted to do. But I really wanted to do it!”

After finding his feet on the History Channel doing re-enactment shows, lone wooF felt the sting of COVID-19, and as the global pandemic set in, he ended up back home with his music. It was in these years that lone wooF was born, and he took to Bandcamp to share some of his creations.

Fast forward to the present day, and lone wooF has proven himself to be a unique and worthwhile musical project. His latest, and arguably best, release so far, ‘Roman Candles II’ is an unassuming, and yet undeniable piece, one that rewards avid listeners time and time again, while also staying true to his values and style. Available now via Bandcamp, YouTube, and most major platforms, it’s a single that will catch you off guard and leave you speechless.

A gorgeous piece that revels in honest lyrics and expressive vocals, there’s magic within the new single, and it absolutely deserves to be heard. Tune in below via YouTube, and make sure you pay special attention to the lyrics like “Let us fall back on your knife again; It's like we never learn.”

Speaking about his music and inspiration, lone wooF candidly revealed, “I try to use that music to good ends. The world is so shaky. I think to myself, I see these guys thinking they are such badasses. But they can't even fight their own hate. I hid away long enough. I'd like for my life to mean something good and that is up to me.”

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