SteveUnordinary – ‘Let The Headbangers Arise 2’

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A talented DJ and electronic music producer from the creative heart of Hermosa Beach, California, SteveUnordinary hits like a breath of fresh air. A free and wonderfully unhinged creative force, he’s built a reputation on highly energetic shows and vibrant, off-kilter music releases, frequently blending metal, trap, and heavy dubstep into a whole new kind of sound.

After making his mark with the release of ‘Party Starter’, his dynamic debut anthem, SteveUnordinary has continued to impress, amassing over one million streams across his various platforms, and making himself heard across the globe.

Today, we’re excited to shine a light on SteveUnordinary’s titanic debut album, the brilliant and bewildering EDM anthology of ‘Let The Headbangers Arise 2’. An album that revels in wild creative choices, bold passages, and brave experimentation, SteveUnordinary’s record is one that is completely unafraid to be itself. Offering a wave of original ideas that shine through tracks like ‘Never Say Die’ and ‘Wu-Tang’, the album is an instantly enjoyable and wonderfully kaleidoscopic piece that will never fail to impress.

Speaking of the new album, SteveUnordinary explained, “This album is about a fresh start, living and enjoying a new life in a healthy manner - you’re just overwhelmed with joy about this new life, and you just have to let it out. You're literally living your best life, but the right way, the healthy way! Not this arrogant and prideful best life that the world attempts to push on us every day.”

“Letting go of those old habits and making better choices. Embracing this new life in a humble and meek way so that you can truly start fresh and walk into and enjoy this new life. Away with pride, arrogance, and unhealthy habits! Out with the old and in with the new! You deserve better. Let your mind be renewed, let the headbangers arise!”

Featuring nine original cuts that only SteveUnordinary could create, ‘Let The Headbangers Arise 2’ is an album of intense vibes, quality sounds, and high emotional impact, delivering a listening experience like few others. Available now on most major platforms, it’s arguably one of the most refreshing and unique releases of the year so far.

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