Loren Heat shares their brand new single ‘Breathe (SOS)’ via Quiet Crown

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Following the release of their captivating debut single ‘Curiosity’ last year, rising talent Loren Heat returns with the anthemic new track ‘Breathe (SOS)’ out now via Quiet Crown. Garnering support from influential platforms such as BBC Introducing, Notion, Earmilk, CULTR, and Music Crowns, Loren Heat is swiftly establishing their distinctive voice.

Hailing from Middlesbrough, the 20-year-old queer singer-songwriter once again collaborates with producer Chad Rodgers (known for his work with Cape Cub, Llovers, Tom Joshua) to deliver a bold and confident exploration of the ongoing struggle to stay afloat amidst life's challenges. Drawing inspiration from musical icons like Dua Lipa, Years and Years, Rita Ora, Slayyyter, and Mabel, Loren Heat crafts dark pop-infused melodies that reflect the vibrant LGBTQIA+ community of the northeast.

Speaking about the single, Loren explained, “'Breathe (SOS)' is about the feeling of not having control, that feeling you get when you're overwhelmed and burnt out. You’re struggling to process things, to keep information held down, you're forgetting plans and losing track of your schedule… all your days are blurring into one. It’s about when all that gets too much you begin to feel overwhelmed you're being held down, crushed by the feeling of not being mentally, physically, emotionally available. To me it's like when you're trying to keep your head above water, desperately spluttering and paddling to try and keep yourself from going under, from drowning."

"It’s hard when this happens and like me you don't have the mental ability to process it all because it begins to pile up the less you talk about it, but you can't communicate it because you can't process it, you can't formulate your feelings into words. You need your soul saving (SOS), desperately crying out for help as a last resort. People might start calling you rude for being spaced out and dramatic when you explain your situation to them. They think it's a matter of relaxing but you know it's deeper than that and you need them to understand and help, you are tired of running away from it and pretending it's just ‘one of them days."

Starting their musical journey by performing at open mic nights and sharing ukulele covers on TikTok, Loren Heat's vision for their original music was clear from the start: brave, defiant, and unapologetically pop. With backing from Youth Music’s Incubator Fund and guidance from Tees Music Alliance, Loren Heat is rapidly emerging as a standout talent in the flourishing north east music scene.

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