Magna announces her new album 'Teeth' and shares an emotive glimpse in lead single 'Paul'

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Magana has announced Teeth,’ her second album, which will be released on March 25th (to coincide with the Worm Moon’s peak illumination) through Audio Antihero Records and her own Colored Pencils imprint. To mark the upcoming release, Magana has recently shared her new single 'Paul', and has hinted at another single, 'Break Free' to be released on the 8th of March.

A song where grief, tenderness, and strangeness exist simultaneously, 'Paul' is a notable change in sound from Magana, evoking a deep, emotive response that will leave you enchanted. Armed with direct, yet poetic likes that fight against the hushed arrangements, the new single sees Magana artfully reflecting a raw experience of loss as though 'it was a lonely dream'. “This song is for my friend, who dealt with death too early,” as Magana explains. “These are her words, and I processed them by turning them into a song.”

Spun from Magana’s meditations and synth experiments, the new album, which she describes as “Witchy Rock,” is unlike any of her past works. An album about “regrowth and a new view on the world,” its sound touches on acid folk, alt-pop, and even Krautrock as she tackles the bleakest and most brutally honest subjects of her songwriting career.

As previewed in 2023’s 'Girl in Chains', 'Afraid of Everybody'and 'Beside You' singles, this genre- bending LP sees dark and mystical landscapes ebb and flow around intensely vulnerable lyrics and vintage vocal stylings. Aching songs are strung together by instrumental interludes, giving this album about regrowth a fever dream quality.

Magana is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Jeni Magaña, who has spent the last few years on the road as bassist for Mitski (from Jimmy Kimmel to
Glastonbury Festival) and Lady Lamb.

Born in Bakersfield, CA, she studied music at Boston’s Berklee College before relocating to Brooklyn, NY, where she released her debut EP, 'Golden Tongue,' in 2016. Its “Ghost Pop” sound stunned and received rave reviews and national airplay. After relocating to Los Angeles, she formed the pen pin pop duo with
Emily Moore (Taylor Swift / Dua Lipa / Kesha / Charli XCX).

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