LOSER - 'Hold On You'

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Melbourne’s premier alt-rock outfit LOSER continue their stellar rise, releasing high-energy single ‘Hold On You’, the second single from ‘Netflix-style’ EP ‘Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget’.

This release continues the mapping of a new LOSER who flip the traditional EP release model on its head with ‘Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget’. The first release from the EP, ‘Heaven Can Wait’ set expectations for the remaining EP high with soaring riffed-out power that received high acclaim from industry tastemakers such as NME, Amnplify, triple j, SYN, BRock, 4ZZZ, Rebel FM and more.

Tim of the band explained, “This is probably my favourite song on the EP. I started listening to heaps of Aerosmith and this song just fell out in one day. Usually the songs that take less effort are the ones I think are special because your consciousness is running in a way unlike any other. This song is about having a deep connection with another human being who you never want to let go of.”

With well over 2 million streams across previous releases, support slots for Violent Soho, Ruby Fields, British India, Bugs, Slowly Slowly and more, the band have also graced the stages of iconic Festivals like Falls Festival, BIGSOUND 2022, The Hills are Alive, Beer InCider and Til’ The Wheels Fall off.

The band added, “The whole idea with this EP was to switch up how we've released music in the past. We've always been a traditional album band, but this new EP felt like a fresh direction for us musically, so we thought it could be fun to try something a little different in the way we presented it. It's not a collection of singles, it's more like a netflix tv series, where the entire body of work is designed to flow as a whole, but is presented piece by piece.”

‘Hold On You’, was recorded at Restless Noise Studios, the band’s own home studio. The track was produced by band members Craig Selak and Tim Maxwell, the latter of whom also mixed.  To close out the team, the track was then mastered by George Georgiadis at Little Wing Sound (The VANNS, Gang Of Youths). 

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