Megamonsta – ‘Heading For The Sun’

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The euphoric dance-pop moniker of Frankfurt/Main’s David Goliath, Megamonsta has become something of a phenomenon over the past few years. After first breaking into the spotlight with the release of his debut double single ‘Heartbreaka’, David has continued to impress fans and critics alike, building his homegrown EDM style into an evocative and irrepressible sound.

A bedroom producer and former metal multi-instrumentalist, David ‘sold everything for kids and kitchen’, leaving behind only his laptop, headphones and his love for music. Driven by passion alone, David has overcome countless obstacles to create his bold EDM sound, and his new single proves beyond any shadow of a doubt, that it has all been worth it.

His latest release, ‘Heading For The Sun’ builds on years of experience and passion, offering a titanic slice of bold, colourful, and wonderfully triumphant EDM sounds that will have you feeling empowered and entertained in equal measure. Written entirely by David and brought to life with the help of a female vocalist, the new single tells the tale of “a strong woman, ready to leave everything behind and to start a new chapter, after her broken relationship.”

With almost 10,000 streams on Spotify already, ‘Heading For The Sun’ has become a breakthrough release for Megamonsta, earning a spot on our annual Spotify playlist for 2023, and kickstarting the year with the best energy possible.

Breaking the mould in all the best ways, ‘Heading For The Sun’ is a perfect blend of EDM energy, pop aesthetic, and driven dance vibes, delivering a polished and undeniable sound that will echo throughout the year. You can stream the new single above, and make sure you check out Megamonsta on TikTok and Instagram below for more.

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