Lyli J - ‘Ether’

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A gorgeous, ethereal artist whose music is ‘made for elves and all sensitive soul-searching wanderers’, Lyli J is a French-American instrumentalist, singer, sound designer and electronic music producer with a nomadic upbringing. Moving across ten countries in the past three decades, Lyli J’s sound is infused with various styles, sounds, and cultures, creating a textured and wonderfully raw tapestry of sounds that shimmers beneath crystalline Celtic melodies.

In Lyli J’s music, the soft felt touch of the piano melts into ancient harmonies, surrounded by ocean-deep textures of organic electronica. She captures her love for nature by reinforcing field recordings and acoustic elements with powerful synthesis and IDM beats. It’s a structure that blends perfectly with the rare, pristine, and intimate moments in life, delivering a vulnerable, transcending style that lingers with you for days.

On her new single, titled ‘Ether’, Lyli J presents a wonderful, indie-tinged sound, one that is layered with IDM sounds and sweeping downtempo vibes. Armed with a simple refrain where Lyli J recalls, “I will take you by storm, in the desert, in the land, and we'll carry each other, like grains of sand,” the single is hauntingly beautiful in every sense.

Speaking about the single with us, Lyli J shared, “‘Ether’ comes from a sketch I made in 2011, one of my very first tracks on a DAW - the lyrics were already there but it was a very sparse minimal techno kind of vibe. Twelve years later I remembered those exact haunting lyrics again, and wanted to bring them to life with more evocative, inspiring melodies and textures.”

She continued, “The sound design mimics grains of sand and desert wind, and the main pad and ethereal vocals are a tribute to the Nordic sky where you can spot an aurora borealis, as it's one of my favourite atmospheres.”

Available now on all streaming platforms, including on Lyli J’s Bandcamp page, ‘Ether’ is music to be enjoyed in open, natural spaces, connecting you with the world and offering a simple, perfect moment. For more from Lyli J, be sure to check out her website and social media pages below.

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