MAALik - ‘Gulag’

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From school orchestras to renowned nightclub stages, Yash Malpani, better known by his musical moniker of MAALik, has become a true creative force within his local scene. Proudly championing modern EDM sounds, along with his Indian culture, MAALik is pushing boundaries with scintillating singles like ‘Gulag’.

An artist who effortlessly transitioned into the realms of techno, disco, minimal, electro, and breaks, MAALik found his passion for electronic music earlier on, building a sound that blurs the lines between genres, and pulses with a free creative energy. As he shared on his Spotify page, “Minimal, Electro and everything in between - I dive into the sounds that move us.”

To date, MAALik has shared two official tracks on Spotify, the kaleidoscopic ‘Da Layer’, and the bold, evolving ‘Gulag’, a mesmerising epic that builds perfectly over the course of seven minutes. Available now on all major streaming platforms, ‘Gulag’ is a track that has seen MAALik’s career soar, electrifying crowds at Pune's 'Maushi gigs', Goa's beaches, and Mumbai's iconic venues like Antisocial and Qora.

Built to impress with sonically-charged beats, a thunderous melody, and perfectly curated sounds that dive between classic EDM and more expressive electronic musings, the track is a passionate introduction that will have you calling out for more. You can stream the single below via Spotify, along with MAALik’s other single ‘Da Layer’.

While weekdays might find MAALik immersed in his entrepreneurial ventures, weekends resonate with his passion-driven sets. Drawing on his rhythmic roots, MAALik believes in music as a universal connector. With two tracks already available and a groundbreaking festival experience in the works, MAALik's journey stands as a dynamic fusion of passion, rhythm, and innovation.

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