WESSON - 'Second Chances'

WESSON is a British alt/rock band led by singer/songwriter Chris Wesson. Based in Milton Keynes, the four-piece band was formed under the mutual decision to find like-minded souls who needed music as part of their everyday life and essence to their being. Along with bassist Callum, guitarist Jimmy, and drummer Dale, WESSON creates music which is relatable, conversational and meaningful.

With each band member coming from a different musical background, WESSON soaks up an amalgam of influences, resulting in a collective mix of pop, punk rock and indie with soaring vocal parts and an overall sound which is entirely its own.

Their latest single 'Second Chances' is the result of wanting to create something that was upbeat and summery with a feel-good essence. The inspiration came from reflecting on past experiences. Imagining and hoping for a different outcome but realising you cannot change the past. We have all made mistakes along the way. It is the hope of a 'second chance' that sometimes drives us to change or work harder, but this song is ultimately about coming to terms with the past.

Chris shares, “I’m not alone in having made mistakes along the way. So I hope this song gives some hope and comfort to those harbouring regrets and resentments, it can be a lonely place reflecting on a painful memory, hearing a song like Second Chances reminds me that I’m not alone, and that definitely helps. We’d hope it might lend itself to someone who is travelling or moving from one place to another, in the same way that their minds are moving on from dwelling on the past and celebrating that departure in their thought patterns.”

Aiming for modern production on a retro styled song, 'Second Chances' has one foot in the past and the other in the present. Familiar yet unique, the track is reminiscent of the likes of The Buzzcocks, The Libertines, and The Ramones, with vocal harmonies influenced by The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Emitting a gritty rock undertone, bold melodic bass riffs and driving drum beats, WESSON delivers a soundtrack to everyday life events, touching on reflections and memories that pass them by. Their organic approach to songwriting allows their music to be honest and identifiable. Spreading messages of living unapologetically, the band hope to help listeners find peace and acceptance in their life. They share, “We want to help make their troubles fade away and give them a moment of escapism from whatever it is that they are going through.” 

Having gigged across the UK, supporting artists such as The Bluetones, Callum Beattie and Lucy Spraggan, WESSON are set for an exciting 2023, with more releases and gigs to be announced soon.

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