Madam Who? fused genres and generations with her pop-rock single 'Peter Meter'

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A Maryland singer-songwriter who channels her life experiences into quirky, infectious pop anthems, Madam Who? is back with her latest eclectic anthem, 'Peter Meter'. Armed with a sound that pulls inspiration from giants like The Beatles and The Beastie Boys, Madam Who? combines pop-hooks and rock licks with insightful lyrics that truly resonate.

Her latest single 'Peter Meter' is a perfect example of her style. Electro-clash, pop, rock, and rap intertwine in a liberating anthem. Hints of Garbage and The B-52s add a touch of nostalgia, while the self-directed music video injects a playful energy. This is the kind of song that empowers you to face life's challenges with a rebellious grin.

Speaking about the new single, Madam Who? said, “The single was inspired by something my wealthy Grandmother said to me before my freshman year at college in Nashville. In her Scarlet O’Hara-esque southern accent, she said, “I been outta the datin' pool for some time now... and I was just wond'rin'... do
bowyees still requiya that you have sex with them?' When I came up with the pre-chorus and super-hooky chorus, I knew I had something really special, but it took me 20 years, on and off, to find the right verses. Last year, I joined a songwriter’s workshop group and the leader, Marissa Levy helped to push me in the right direction, sparking something in me; with her input, it all fell into place quickly.”

Born Audra Coldiron, her journey as Madam Who? is as unique as her music. She found early success with bands like Merry Madness and Audra & The Antidote, even catching the eye of music legend Jimmy Iovine. However, a series of setbacks forced her to take a break. Years later, she rose from the ashes as Madam Who?, armed with a newfound determination.

Her 2022 debut EP 'Reclaim Your Power' caught the attention of Good Morning America, leading to a segment that shared her incredible story of survival. Now, she's opening for national acts and working with a London record company to promote her self-titled EP.

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