Seattle's underground rap star The I.C.O.N. arrives with new EP 'Now or Never'

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From the Bronx's gritty streets to the rain-soaked backdrop of Seattle, The I.C.O.N (The International Champ of Night) has been honing his rap skills since his high school days. With over twenty years of experience fuelling his passion, the artist is ready to make his mark on the industry with the release of his latest EP, ‘Now or Never’.

A dynamic and captivating eight-track collection ‘Now or Never’ showcases The I.C.O.N.'s storytelling prowess and technical abilities in perfect form. Each song weaves a narrative that speaks to the universal struggle of pursuing one's dreams against all odds, never backing down and constantly driving for more. The EP's title, ‘Now or Never’, sharply reflects the urgency and determination that drives the artist - an acknowledgement that the window for success in the music business can sometimes feel unforgiving.

Speaking candidly about the new project, The I.C.O.N. shared, “My latest album, the ‘Now Or Never’ EP is a collection of eight incredible tracks that I've put a great deal of love into. The theme of this album is all about storytelling. The term ‘Now Or Never’ refers to my struggles as an artist and trying to be successful before it's too late.”

Thematically rich and lyrically intricate, the new release has the potential to resonate deeply with listeners who admire raw, unfiltered hip-hop. It shines a brilliant light on the difficult progress where passion, persistence, and determination collide, as well as a testament to the grit required to chase a dream, and an invitation to tap into the 'now or never' mindset.

While The I.C.O.N may be an underground name at present, ‘Now or Never’ is the mark of an artist ready to make his breakthrough, and if he can keep delivering projects of this calibre, then Seattle's hip-hop scene will surely be on notice. You can stream the full release above via Spotify, and make sure you check out The I.C.O.N. on his socials below.

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