Maddie Jackway crafts a sublime sonic landscape with 'You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder'

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An Australian singer-songwriter renowned for her ability to blend pop, soul, and RnB into a mesmerizing sonic tapestry, Maddie Jackway is back with her latest single, 'You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder.' With a haunting quality that underpins in emotive sound, Maddie's unique style transcends conventional genre boundaries, captivating listeners with each release.

'You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder' serves as the lead track from Maddie's upcoming EP, 'Kindred', co-produced with keyboardist and producer Jake Amy. This single marks a significant evolution in her sound, as Maddie ventures beyond her previous Adele-esque tone, embracing a more mature and eclectic style. By blurring the lines between pop and RnB, Maddie's soulful vocals weave effortlessly across various genres, creating a rich and captivating listening experience.

The melody of 'You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder' envelops listeners in a gentle, soothing sensation, akin to drifting on a glistening sonic lake. Yet, beneath the surface lies an eerie mischievousness, reflecting the theme of being ghosted by someone and the anxiety of their inevitable return. Maddie's warm vocals offer solace while delicately exposing the tumultuous waves of emotion beneath the surface.

Maddie describes the new body of work as a shift from her first release and explains, sharing, “I’ve always said that I won’t be boxed into one genre and this EP really shows that - you can hear all of my different influences as a writer and musician.”

In creating the new single, Jackway remains true to her desire to explore new sounds and influences, refusing to be confined to a single genre. Her commitment to innovation and eclecticism shines through in every note, making 'You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder' a truly impressive and immersive musical experience.

Beyond its musical prowess, 'You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder' is a sincere and introspective exploration of the intricacies of relationships. Her honest lyricism and heartfelt delivery invite listeners into her world, where vulnerability and raw emotion are laid bare.

As Maddie continues to carve her path in the music industry, her ability to blend diverse influences and genres sets her apart as a truly unique and intriguing artist. With 'You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder,' she solidifies her place as a masterful storyteller and sonic innovator, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating what she'll create next.

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