F.T.C. Project is keeping old-school jungle sounds alive with ‘Michigan Hardcore Volume One’

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Born deep in the suburbs of Flint, Michigan, F.T.C Project is dedicated to the classic sounds of drum ‘n’ bass and jungle. Effortlessly making waves in the underground music scene, the project is the brainchild of artist Damion W, arriving as a powerful testament to the enduring appeal of old-school production techniques and a passion for raw, energetic electronic music.

His latest project, ‘Michigan Hardcore Volume One’ is Damion W’s first release with On Deep Extreme Records, delivering a visceral DIY sound steeped in hardcore, jungle anthemics. Built from eight original tracks, the new album perfectly illustrates Damion W’s dedication to retro recording methods, giving the release a unique sonic fingerprint that harkens back to the rave era's DIY spirit.

Intentionally eschewing modern production software, Damion W has crafted their tracks using a clone of the legendary Protracker v2.3d – a music tracker popular in the early days of electronic music. In keeping with this retro theme, ‘Michigan Hardcore Volume One’ has been released as a very limited-edition cassette, with only 12 copies of the meticulously home-dubbed tapes pressed, making them a true collector's item.

Through the album, fans are treated to eight tracks of unadulterated hardcore jungle energy - a testament to Damion W's ability to conjure nostalgic soundscapes of relentless breakbeats and rumbling basslines.

While F.T.C. Project might find its biggest audience amongst those nostalgic for the 90s rave scene, its appeal goes beyond pure throwback vibes. The project demonstrates the raw power and creative potential of vintage production tools. In an era where music software can do almost anything, F.T.C. Project is a reminder that limitations can sometimes be the greatest source of inspiration.

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