Maddie Lexandra shares ‘Escaping Light’ a playful pop single inspired by K-pop and R&B

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A singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who fell in love with music at an early age, Maddie Lexandra artfully creates her own dream-pop worlds. With a passion for self-expression, songwriting, and surrealism, Maddie’s music and style are vibrant and original, creating gorgeous soundscapes inspired by modern indie, R&B, and dazzling pop. 

Her latest single, ‘Escaping Light’ is a playful, ethereal pop cut that sees Maddie capturing the essence of “a magic summer night of infinite possibility as love defies time.” Built to impress with bright, buoyant pop tones, a light cascade of keys, and sweet, serene vocals that dive into the dreamy aesthetics, the single is a heavy dose of Maddie's unique style, slowly progressing to incorporate more surrealist elements. Through rousing rock flourishes, shifting melodic passages, and a light, flickering atmosphere, Maddie carves out an original pop spell that reveals more and more of its character with each repeated listen.

Inspired by K-pop and R&B and packed within inventive twists, ‘Escaping Light’ is an expressive experience, capitalising on Maddie's ability to craft lavish pop worlds. Speaking about the release, she shared, “this song is for uplifting moods, romantic evenings, and for evoking inspiration and wonder. With a bouncy bassline of motion and joy, dreamy harmonies, and an ethereal soundscape, the build-ups throughout the song maintain the listener’s interest and convey the surreal, emotional journey.”

Maddie’s convergence of music and art inspires her to translate perceptions of experiences into the serene, dream-like environments, inviting listeners into an imaginative world of her own making. Her use of intricate storytelling explores the complexities of love and emotion through a reflection of metaphors and musing. With her ambition and commitment to her art, Maddie evolves as an artist as she expands on both musical and artistic realms of creative development. Maddie is currently preparing for the release of her debut album.

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