Emilia Grace plays with fire in her soft and sultry debut single ‘Heartbreak Hotel’

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A fast rising and wonderfully talented singer-songwriter from Canberra, Emilia Grace has perfectly showcased her modern pop sound with debut single ‘Heartbreak Hotel’. Staking her claim as a fierce talent in Australia’s pop scene, the new single sees Emilia delivering a soft and sultry track that artfully reflects the pain of a broken heart.

Written as a form of conversation with a personified version of heartbreak itself, the song weaves together a heartfelt story of give and take, outlining a relatable tale of love that will ultimately lead to heartbreak, but pulls you in all the same. Through lines like “you can’t run from your desire”, and “playing fire with fire”, the song captures an all too familiar feeling that is balanced perfectly by her reflective pop sound.

Backed by a sensual and slow electro-pop sound that walks a fine line between the disarming, sultry melodies and Emilia’s stunning vocals, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ is utterly enchanting. Through hazy instrumentals that evolve purposefully, the song shifts and mingles with Emilia’s vocals, creating a gorgeous platform for her delivery. Elsewhere, spacious electronic beats shine, and in every chorus the song explodes into a vibrant burst of sound.

Adding to the magic of the single, Emilia shared, “Sonically the song was inspired by the drama and cinematic composition and production of Lana Del Rey's music. It was also inspired by hers and Billie Eilish's moody, sometimes dark lyricism. I wanted to create something that both sounded and felt that way but could also be visualised that way.”

Often compared to artists such as Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, Madison Beer, and more, Emilia is sure to gain a wave of attention with the release of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’. You can stream the new single above, and be sure to check out Emilia’s social media pages below so you can follow her journey and keep up to date with all the latest.

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