Madeleine – ‘Stoned & Bored’

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Caught somewhere between pop, rock, and the beyond, Madeleine has perfected a sound that has the accessorily of the mainstream, while retaining its sharp, underground edge. Most recently, she’s been impressing us all with tracks like ‘Bad For You’, delivering a sound and style that revels in new age cool and distinct indie vibes. While Madeleine has already proven her talents several times over with albums like ‘Postcards’ and ‘Matter Of If’, her latest single has caused a surge of excitement, and for very good reason.

Set for release on the 10th of June this year, ‘Stoned & Bored’ is Madeleine’s third, and arguably best, album to date, arriving with a wave of balanced, emotive songwriting, thoughtful verse, and wonderfully human moments. Offering nine original tracks, including latest cut ‘Bad For You’, along with upcoming singles ‘Starpower’ and title track ‘Stoned & Bored’, it's an album filled with easy-going, slow-moving, and perfectly sincere Americana.

Anywhere you land on the album, you’ll find something to enjoy, whether it’s the pop-inspired perkiness or darker, more vulnerable indie sounds. Tracks such as ‘Sleepy Weather’ shine as bold hook-laden anthems, cutting you to the quick while elsewhere more measured, rustic rock sounds work in ‘Lime Green’ and ‘Older’. There’s a softer side to the album as well, with songs like ‘Chesterfield Checkered Blue’ and ‘Wisconsin’ ringing with emotive brilliance, layering soft, vulnerable sounds with beautiful vocals that come straight from the heart.

While fans will have to wait a little while longer for the full album, you can stream all of Madeleine’s most impressive releases to date on Spotify, which should be enough to tide you over until the next single drops on the 13th of May.

With plenty from Madeleine to look forward to this year, there’s never been a better time to connect, so make sure you follow her on Spotify and her various social media pages below.

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