Moes Glory – ‘Paparazzi’

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Recently, we were lucky enough to discover Moes Glory, a rising EDM artist and producer who has been making waves with his contemporary club sound. It was the rampant EDM brilliance of ‘NOTO’ that first had us hooked, hitting time and time again with a clever infusion of more expressive electronic elements with a dynamic, shifting melody that brought the excitement of a club anthem right into your home.

Before the dizzying highs of ‘NOTO’, Moes was already making his mark throughout his local scene, borrowing from EDM, house, electro-pop, and more modern R&B to create a sound that is wonderfully unique and utterly undeniable. His debut single, and a truly titanic release in its own right, ‘Paparazzi’ first dropped earlier this year, and already it’s garnered over 10,000 streams in just a few short months.

More than just your stock standard club anthem, ‘Paparazzi’ goes above and beyond the cliches of the scene, stepping out into fresh new territory where more inspired, melodic moments shift and shimmer underneath a wave of high-spirited tempos and truly engaging energy.

Speaking about his debut single, Moes explained, “some people may think my music is strictly for party and club use. With this track ‘Paparazzi’ for example, I honestly think this is an EDM track that can be played in any environment or occasion. This can be listened and vibed to while working out, sightseeing, relaxing at home, bike riding, literally anything!”

He further added, “It is evident that people agree with my statement of being able to listen to it under any mood or on any occasion, as many people have recorded videos of them listening to ‘Paparazzi’ and have tagged me in their posts on Instagram. There's nothing better than seeing supporters listening to my music and letting me know they enjoy my tunes.”

Speaking about his music as a whole, Moes explained, "I want my music to cause people to want to think about living in the moment and only worry about having a good time. I want my music to be the first thing people look for when they want the DJ to make sure everyone's dancing and having at the late-night events."

Available now on most major platforms, ‘Paparazzi’ is a massive debut release and a true testament to Moes’ talents both as a producer and an artist. An essential release for club or EDM fan, this is a sound you won’t want to miss out on. Along with his music on Spotify, Moes is also creating an impressive space on Instagram, where he posts about his interests, music, and fashion, and even reposts stories where his fans have made videos of themselves listening to his music

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