Magdalia and Mayzie Chew team up for empowering single ‘Hold It Up’

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Independent singer-songwriter Magdalia has shared her latest single, ‘Hold It Up,’ featuring the wonderfully talented Mayzie Chew. The new single delivers beautiful harmonies and poignant lyrics that resonate with the universal need for unwavering support during times of darkness.

As the rain sets the mood, the single introduces the youthful vocals of emerging artist Mayzie Chew, complemented by the powerful voice of Magdalia in the chorus and second verse. The track also showcases a mesmerizing instrumental guitar break following the bridge, accompanied by brilliant ad-libs to round off the experience. Collaborating with Malikah McEwen, this heartfelt track was written, produced, and recorded by Seetali Mack (known for his work with Kaiyah Mercedes and Kevin Silvester).

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Florence & The Machine, Taylor Swift, and Lorde, Magdalia is praised for her soulful vocals, described as having "one hell of a belt register" (Necessary Outlet) and being "hauntingly beautiful" (Pop Passion). With chart-topping singles like 'Great Expectations' and 'Fault Lines' on the Australian Atomic Music Charts and 'Noreen' being voted one of the Real Songwriters of Melbourne's Top 5 Songs of the Year, Magdalia's talent is undeniable.

Her recent release, 'Fault Lines,' was met with acclaim, hailed as "evocative and memorable" (Necessary Outlet) by listeners. Additionally, Magdalia's recognition extends to the 2023 Listen Up Songwriting Prize Grand Final, solidifying her status as "one of the most interesting and authentic voices on the Australian music scene" (Diaro De Shows). Performing at renowned venues such as The Paris Cat Jazz Club, The Bergy Bandroom, and The Burdekin Hotel, Magdalia's storytelling prowess and empathetic understanding make her a formidable presence in the industry.

Featured artist Mayzie Chew, a young and promising songwriter from Melbourne's south-east, adds her unique voice to the mix. Under Magdalia's guidance as a vocal student, Mayzie draws inspiration from artists like Tate McRae and Kasey Chambers, captivating audiences with her beautiful riffs and runs at just 16 years old. With her talent and potential, Mayzie stands out as one of Melbourne's most promising emerging artists.

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