Magnus Mason - '4TH STREET'

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After impressing fans and critics alike with dreamy hip-hop singles like ‘Neverland’ and ‘Still Awake’, Magnus Mason is back in the spotlight with his most transformative and engaging single to date, the brilliant ‘4TH STREET’. A collaborative release with multi-platinum producer and frequent collaborator Mantra, it’s the rising rapper at his most poignant and impressive.

Born and raised in Ulm, Germany, Magnus has been making music since childhood, refining his talents and building a flair for contemporary hip-hop beats and melodic trap melodies. A self-taught pianist, keyboardist, and guitarist, Magnus started his music career by trying to recreate songs he heard in TV commercials, before falling in love with hip-hop at the age of twelve.

Today, Magnus is back with his most poignant and impressive single to date, the unyielding and introspective ‘4TH STREET’. Written and engineered by Magnus, and deftly utilising a beat by multi-platinum producer and frequent collaborator Mantra, who he previously worked with on ‘WORTH IT’ and ‘GHOST TOWN’, the track is filled with intoxicating rhythms and bold, melodic movements, capturing a personal, yet wonderfully accessible sound that Magnus has described as one of his favourite songs that he’s released.

Recorded in his childhood room on a desk when he moved back to my parents’ house for a short while, ‘4TH STREET’ lingers effortlessly between modern rap and innovative trip-hop, perfectly blending evolving instrumentals with bold, colourful movements and a whirlwind of feelings. Incorporating violins, heavy bass, and Magnus’ unique flow, the song creates a harmonic and haunting musical journey that is well worth taking.

The new cut is taken from Magnus’ upcoming album, and is followed by his newest single, ‘COMPLICATED’, which was released recently with his fellow German producer and friend, Daku, who previously featured on Magnus’ breakthrough single ‘NEVERLAND’.

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