Clay Markley – ‘Want Me’

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Just a few months ago, we published a piece on our website about Wisconsin’s fastest rising talent Clay Markley, and it quickly went on to become one of our most viewed pieces for the month. Featuring his latest single, ‘This Look’, the article told the tale of the talented singer-songwriter, shining a spotlight on his undeniable alt-rock sound, and now, we’re damn proud to feature another of his unique independent anthems, the stellar ‘Want Me’.

As with his last track, ‘Want Me’ was written, performed, recorded, and produced by Clay under the indie label King Baby Records, and it arrives as a textured and complete creative vision free of any outside influences. While ‘This Look’ laid down a heavy baseline of isolated guitar chords that flickered and collided, ‘Want Me’ is a deft slice of classic rock delivered with whiskey vocals, calling guitar, and plenty of hearty emotional moments.

A brilliant blend of textured, emotive vocals, ambient melodies that lean towards golden age shoegaze, and bold meteoric sounds that rise and fall with each chorus, ‘Want Me’ is an impressive glimpse into Clay’s creative world, catching you unaware ad hitting hard with moments of reflection and infinite soul-searching.

Available now on all major platforms, including Spotify below, ‘Want Me’ is an impressive continuation of Clay’s style, offering all the thrills and emotional power of his previous singles, while also offering a more elemental sound that is sure to impress.

If you enjoy ‘Want Me’, make sure you follow Clay on his social media pages below so you can keep up to date with all his latest releases, or check out his upcoming show in Watertown, Wisconsin where you can catch him performing live.

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