Magnus Mason – ‘Neverland’

“I wanna go to Neverland, I won’t grow up I’m Peter Pan”; that’s how rising  talent Magnus Mason introduces himself to the world on his highly anticipated debut single ‘Neverland’.

Born and raised in Ulm, Germany, Magnus has been making music since childhood, refining his talents and building a flair for contemporary hip-hop beats and melodic trap sounds. A self-taught pianist, keyboardist, and guitarist, Magnus started his music career by trying to recreate songs he heard in TV commercials, before falling in love with hip-hop at the age of twelve. Fiercely original, Magnus creates the music that he wants to hear, striving to build something. In his own words, Magnus isn’t trying to sound like anyone else, he’s making the music that he enjoys, and it’s all begins with ‘Neverland’.

A dreamy hip-hop release, ‘Neverland’ is a deft blend of smooth beats and emotive texture, flowing with a nuanced lowkey vibe that revels in warm ambient tones and layered vocal tracks. A dynamic single about never growing up, ‘Neverland’ is an unforgettable new release, offering smooth sounds and lingering textures that are unique to Magnus’ modern style.

An impressive and wonderfully evolved hip-hop release, ‘Neverland’ was written, recorded, produced, and engineered by Magnus himself, making it a stunning illustration of his new-age sound, as well as a stellar first glimpse into his up-and-coming debut album, ‘Sensations’.

An album four years in the making, ‘Sensations’ is a celebration of Magnus’ hard work refining his sound, building his brand, and pursuing his dream. In his own words, Magus explained the magic behind his new album, “Sensations is what music is about to me, it’s what the music makes you feel. It’s what even made me start making my own music. These random sensations, the goosebumps you get, when you get lost in the music and just this special kind of feeling only music can give to you. That’s what I want to create with my music.”

With follow-up single ‘Still Awake’ set for release soon, along with the full album and collaborations with 808 Mafia, Ricky Racks, Dansonn and fellow German DAKU, all on the horizons, the future is looking bright for Magnus Mason.

Tune into ‘Neverland’ above via Spotify and be sure to follow Magnus on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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