Gernot Knut – ‘Nie mehr mit Dir (und nie mehr ohne Dich)’

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When it comes to music, Germany has always had a unique style and culture of its very own. From the traditional folk styles of yesteryear to the more contemporary post-punk Neue Deutsche Welle and industrial Neue Deutsche Harte sounds, there has always been a unique sense of pride and identity within German music, something that had made it stand out from the rest of the world in all the best possible ways.

A modern musician who is holding firm to some of these more traditional roots, Gernot Knut embodies the timeless European style of ‘Schlager’, a catchy instrumental style that builds itself on upbeat vocal pieces, vibrant pop melodies and simple, happy-go-lucky lyrics. A style that has previously been popularised by artists such as Jürgen Drews, Beatrice Egli, and Modern Talking, ‘Schlager’ represent the more emotive and sentimental side of pop music, and thanks to artists like Gernot, it’s still going strong today.

Released earlier this year, ‘Nie mehr mit Dir (und nie mehr ohne Dich)’ is a perfect example of the genre and of Gernot’s modern style. Infused with the vibrant, unmistakable sounds of ‘80s and ‘90s pop, the single is bright, upbeat, and beautifully evocative.

As with all his singles, Gernot has released several unique versions of ‘Nie mehr mit Dir (und nie mehr ohne Dich)’, including a special instrumental version designed for sing-alongs, and a vibrant ‘BS Club’ mix that is impossible not jam to. You can tune into the instrumental version below via Spotify, along with the club mix on Gernot’s profile.

In his own words, Gernot has always said of his music, “if it makes you happy or smile, I have reached my goal”, and when it comes to his latest single, he’s done just that. Upbeat, bright, and filled with glistening pop vibes, his new single is an unmissable dive into the enduring world of ‘Schlager’ sounds. Stream the instrumental above via Spotify, as well on our playlists.

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