Mallaigh Ashton - 'With A Song'

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A talented singer and songwriter from the bustling heart of New York City, Mallaigh Ashton has been hard at work creating her own 90s, dream-pop sound, and with the release of new single 'With a Song', it's on fine display.

Filled with engaging elements that are reminiscent of 'Mazzy Star', Mallaigh's new single delivers a truly alchemic sound, borrowing unique and wonderfully inviting elements from a medley of genres and blending them perfectly with her own creative passion and unfiltered poetry.

Simiarly, Mallaigh's vocals land with just enough prominence to give her cutting lyricism on in-love-anxiety a firm hold on your heartstrings, tying in with the music and heightening the soft shoegaze guitars that give 'With a Song' a truly emotive edge. A lighthearted story of soulmates; intertwined like melody and harmony, Mallaigh does a fantastic job setting up her soothing presence, and she delivers in exquisite form.

Inspired by '90s alt-pop icons like The Cranberries and modern-day lyricists like Phoebe Bridgers, Mallaigh brings an eclectic, yet nostalgic energy to her music, making it totally irresistable and utterly essential.

With the help of her producer and friend Seth Huff, Mallaigh's new single has become a firm favourite, and with an EP on the way, we can't wait to hear what else she has instore.

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