Mansfield - 'Come Rain or Shine'

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Copenhagen-based rock band Mansfield have recently released their new EP ‘Come Rain or Shine’, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Star-Crossed Lovers’ which touched down in 2020.

With ‘Come Rain or Shine’, Mansfield gives a clear nod to British indie rock tradition while adding a personal and contemporary touch. The four tracks reveal a new experimental approach to sound and musical arrangements, as shown on the singles ‘Chasing after You’ and ‘The Sky’s in Love with You’ released in the autumn of 2022. Both singles have gained airplay on Danish National Radio and across the world,especially in the UK, Canada, USA and Australia.

The songs on ‘Come Rain or Shine’ were written during the pandemic and in its aftermath. Lead singerand songwriter Christian Stage says about the process, “During that point in time, I felt an urge to deal with all the frustration and conflicting emotions in my songwriting. Rather than addressing specific situations, I chose in my lyrics to express thoughts and feelings on a more universal and metaphorical level. I think this will make the songs resonate with people.”

The lead track of the EP, the mellow and captivating‘The Nature of a Troubled Mind’,describes frustration and longing for love and acceptance. With its compelling guitar riffs and poetic lyrics,‘TheNature of a Troubled Mind’speaks directly to the listener, as the lead vocal soars above the instruments. The music video illustrates the themes of loneliness and longing by using symbolism and close-up shots of the band.

‘Come Rain or Shine’turns a new chapter forMansfieldsince the release of‘Star-Crossed Lovers’in 2020. The latter became a turning point for the band and received 4-and 5-star reviews in Danish and international music press.

‘Come Rain or Shine’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Black Tornado Studio in Copenhagen by producer Morten Bue (Mew, Iceage, Tindersticks, Kashmir). The EP is available now via record label DME.

‘Star-Crossed Lovers’was awarded Album of the Week on Danish National Radio earning the band consecutive airplay ever since. Radio hosts and music critics have comparedMansfieldto artists such as The Beatles, Oasis and The Kinks because of their sound and anthemic songwriting.

Mansfield’srecent performances at The Cavern Club, Liverpool have marked their entry on the international music scene. In February,Mansfieldwill support British rock band All The Young on part of their European tour, as they have been handpicked by All The Young’s lead singer Ryan Dooley. In the past, All The Young have toured with the likes of Morrissey, Kaiser Chiefs and The 1975.

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