Me Nd Adam - 'Best of Me'

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Me Nd Adam is a pair of friends that found each other in the throes of death, breakups and alcoholism. The world turned its back, Adam and Vince turned to music. Known to their fans for their accessibility, their merch giveaways, and their rambunctious behavior, Me Nd Adam are the original trash-wave trail-blazers.

Their latest single 'Best of Me' is off of the upcoming album 'American Drip Pt. II' and emerged from a songwriting session with Adam, Vince and George Gekas (The Revivalists). Just as they were losing steam and ready to close up shop for the night, sudden inspiration struck and with a fresh jolt of energy, 'Best of Me' was born. A bottle of vodka on the counter begged to be opened, and Adam longed to help. Feeling he had no other choice, Adam poured himself a drink and suddenly had an epiphany: Staring at the fresh cocktail he thought, "Ah ha, that's what the song should be about." The precipice for the song, the lyrics and recording all came together in a singular moment of exhaustion and defeat, but from the ashes rose the band’s hardest hitting rock song yet.

However, the beginning of the Austin, TX based duo started in 2020 when lightning struck for their single 'Heartbreak Kid' which debuted in Wonderland Magazine and quickly garnered over two million streams. The success of 'Heartbreak Kid' attracted the attention of darkhorse Las Vegas-based indie label, Handwritten Records.

After signing with Handwritten Records the band went on to release a string of singles leading up to the release of their debut album 'American Drip Pt. I'. The album’s singles earned coverage in Rolling Stone, Alternative Press and American Songwriter. Their debut album's vibe is reminiscent of classic American songwriters like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen with a contemporary twist of pop production akin to heavy hitters Marshmello and Louis Bell.

Me Nd Adam were a shoo-in for Austin City Limits Music Festival after sharing arena stages such as Moody Center (ATX), Dickie’s Arena (DFTW) and The Cosmopolitan (Las Vegas) with The Killers. Furthermore, the band sold out Antone’s Night Club, their hometown’s most iconic venue, for an ACL Festival Official Late Night set.

Hot off their largest national tour yet, spanning 23 cities, Me Nd Adam is currently releasing singles leading up to their sophomore album, 'American Drip Pt. II', due out July 2023.

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