Eighty Ninety - ‘Bowery Beach Road’

Eighty Ninety, the indie-pop project of brothers Abner and Harper have shared ‘Bowery Beach Road,’ a collection of past singles and previously unreleased tracks.

As they head towards the release of their debut album later this year, the band decided to commemorate their first era of music with a trip down memory lane. The twelve-track 'Bowery Beach Road' collection includes singles that put the band on the map, like 'Three Thirty' and 'Your Favorite Song', as well as a few songs that had never made it out of the studio until now.

Eighty Ninety elaborated on the ‘Bowery Beach Road’ release: “In our first years as a band, we began telling a story with a series of singles that were always supposed to be part of our first record. The realities of being independent, streaming, and then covid meant that we were not able to release them all together in the way we had wanted. Now, as we prepare to release an entirely different and entirely new album this year, it felt like the right moment to look back."

"'Bowery Beach Road' encapsulates our first era — all of the songs we released before 2020 + a few unreleased tracks — as it was always intended: as a full length record. As singles these songs told their own stories, but together they tell a very intentional one with characters that change, come and go, endure heartbreak, loss, regret, nostalgia, come together, fall apart, and sometimes end up back together again.”

With 'Bowery Beach Road' now out in the world, Eighty Ninety close their first chapter and enter into their next with their debut album set to release later this year. The album will include recent singles like 'Face Like A Sunset', 'Stay Alive', and '2 Carat', as well as a number of captivating tracks that will be released over the course of the next few months.

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