meadowhip - 'Getting Messy'

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A seamless blend of smooth spacious RnB, ambient electro-pop and blissful neo-soul sees meadowhip captivate in sophomore single ‘Getting Messy’. As a masterful lyricist, meadowhip’s introspection and irreverent lyrics add a layer of enticing complexity. From the onset, meadowhip masterfully crafts an ethereal soundscape, setting the tone for the remainder of the track. A gently pulsating, ambient electric heart-beat foregrounds the introspective nature of the track whilst electro-pop chords coalesce and shimmer, expertly dancing between meadowhip’s lyrical prowess.

Lyrical dexterity is meadowhips strength, for the poet/singer/songwriter, but always in a tongue-in-cheek, introspective way. The light-hearted eye-roll that goes with the lyrics keep it from becoming a dreaded existential self-introspection but rather a gentle prod at the inner workings of the mind.

“I’m pretty consistently trying to self-analyse, or reason with myself.  Talk myself out of some rubbish behaviour or thought pattern. The internal dialogue in this track is only a snippet of what’s going on in my head basically all the time.” explained meadowhip.

‘Getting Messy’ was mixed by the legendary Michael Freeman, who adds a slick production value. Further, listeners will be delighted to hear the single was produced by Chelsea Warner. Both Freeman and Warner’s touch elevates this track to a fully transcendent cascading dream-world of the inner-workings of meadowhip’s mind. You’ll be treated to a cacophony of contemporary sounds and samples that only these masters could weave.

‘Getting Messy’ will make you feel like you’re driving alone at night, windows down, lost in thought, while the distant glimmering chips of city lights dot the horizon. All you have to do, is tune in.

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