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meadowhip – ‘Unexceptional’

  • 2 min read

The sleek solo project of rising singer, songwriter, and poet Cara Walkam, meadowhip is more than your typical alt-pop expressionist. A rising fixture of Sydney’s shifting underground scene, and one half of Wollongong indie-pop duo, Territories, meadowhip has already made an indelible mark on music, and it’s all thanks to her scintillating debut single, ‘Unexceptional’.

Written back in February 2020, ‘Unexceptional’ first took shape during a writing session at The Artist Studio with the brilliant Chelsea Warner. Featuring some stellar production by Warner and mixing by Michael Freeman, the song quickly became the catalyst behind meadowhip, launching it as a defined solo project and an emotive exploration of self and society from Cara’s perspective. Although a long-time writer and performer, Cara had never really considered being a solo artist or creating meadowhip as a standalone project, but, after a near-fatal haemorrhagic stroke in 2020, she knew that it was a path worth taking. She explained, “Once I could think straight, I guess I thought straight for maybe the first time in my life. Like, oh wow, I actually have so much that I want to yell about, and who knows how long I'll have to do it!"

Influenced by a timeless roster of artists like Solange, Tame Impala, Erykah Badu, Blondie and Frank Ocean, meadowhip’s style fuses introspective, impatient and irreverent lyrics with immersive pop melodies, creating an intricate weave of blossoming psychedelic soul influences, shifting alt-RnB and eclectic jazz to create a pure, ethereal sound unlike anything else.

Her debut single, which has been aptly described as “an ode to the mediocre white dude”, is a perfect illustration of her elevated sound, as well as a vibrant homage to ‘90s RnB and that classic Australian indie attitude. Filled with scathing, sarcastic lyrics and dynamic pop hooks that are cast adrift in a sea of off-kilter keys, jangling guitars, and nuanced drum brakes, the single shines a fierce and focused light on the modern age.

Speaking of the new single, meadowhip explained her unique sound, stating, "So, you know that guy at the office with a swagger and questionable competence? Unexceptional is like Mac DeMarco and Gwen Stefani got together and wrote a song about him." A true and perfect release that will undoubtedly inspire a movement, ‘Unexceptional’ is an essential new release.

You can tune in to the new single above via Spotify and be sure to follow meadowhip on Facebook and Instagram so you can keep up to date with all her upcoming releases, including the launch of a new EP later in the year.

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