Sentiers Nocturnes – ‘Drifting Feelings’

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A sensitive soul with a talent for constructing wistful and uplifting atmospheres, Sentiers Nocturnes has emerged as one of France’s most intriguing new artists. With a natural talent for creating intricate blends of post-rock, blackgaze, and post-black instrumentals, the solo project has become a gateway to new musical realms, delivering an unforgettable sound that explores introspective thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Armed with a powerful and wonderfully evocative sound that breaks boundaries and creates lavish new soundscapes, Sentiers Nocturnes has become a force to be reckoned with, and now, with the release of debut EP ‘Drifting Feelings’, he’s unleashed his vibrant sound onto the world. A release that revels in the vibrant connections between music and emotion, ‘Drifting Feelings’ is a unique and expansive release that bravely charges into new textures and tones, striking hard with an unforgettable sound that will charm even the most stoic of dark metal fans.

Officially released just a few days ago, the new EP brings together five titanic compositions that perfectly encapsulates the many undeniable talents that Sentiers Nocturnes has at his disposal. From the stunning, cinematic sounds of opening track ‘Dark Clouds’, to the ambitious, immaculate melodies of closing piece ‘Adrift’, everything about the EP is dark, adventurous, and utterly brilliant.

Echoing with the seminal sounds of Alcest, Ellende, Sylosis and Sylvaine, ‘Drifting Feelings’ is a dark maelstrom of styles and ideas that resounds with unlimited possibilities. Available now on most major platforms, including Spotify below, ‘Drifting Feelings’ is easily one of the most effective debut releases that 2021 has to offer.

A lavish EP that delivers a fresh blend of post-rock, blackgaze and post-black metal fury, ‘Drifting Feelings’ is everything that we’ve come to expect from Sentiers Nocturnes and more, and if he can keep channelling the same sharp emotions and intricate melodies, it’s easy to see him becoming one of France’s most respected blackgaze artists.

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