Meditative Bliss – ‘Mystics Truth’

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With the modern world becoming busier and busier, there’s less and less room for us to relax and find a quiet, meditative space. Verging on burning out, pushed to the limits, and working well beyond our means, it’s a struggle to find inner peace and real relaxation throughout our daily lives, but thankfully, there’s a project and community here to help.

Using the moniker of Meditative Bliss, the channel aims to provide “relaxing and soothing meditation music” to the world, offering lingering, joyous compositions that will speak to the heart and help you find a healing space. The project, which has been loving curated to include sounds of the New Age, jazz, alternative, and smooth blues genres, has become something of a sensation, offers a series of twenty-minute compositions that are sure to help you find peace.

Speaking openly, the community details their art on their social media pages; “At Meditative Bliss we understand that life throws a lot at you. You’re working, raising kids, family and friend issues, bills, personal challenges like health and pursuit of happiness, etc. The list goes on and on, and in order to feel some happiness and peace, we turn to Video Games, TV, Music of all kinds, and other forms of entertainment for which is not wrong to do, but does not always make us feel that same satisfaction. Why not try something different? Our music will bring you peace and relaxation no matter what you’re doing, studying, meditating, looking for a sleep aid, you name it. Try Meditative Bliss today and discover peace of body, mind, and soul.”

In their most comprehensive release so far, the gorgeous ‘Mystics Truth’, Meditative Bliss has shared eighty minutes of brilliant, building tones, fading into view with ‘Subtle Moments’, and reshaping its gentle, soothing melodies until the final closing tones of ‘Green Shimmerings’. It’s a wonderful, expressive, and undeniable release, and it’s worth every moment.

You can stream the full release above, along with a series of other beautiful compositions from Meditative Bliss through their website and Spotify pages. You can also join the community via Patreon, where Meditative Bliss are offering complete meditative packages for small monthly fees. You can find the full details here.

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