Melbourne’s Keinewave transcends genres with new EP ‘Don’t Let It Go’

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A multi-instrumentalist and multi-genre artist based in Melbourne, Keinewave has recently shared his immersive and utterly captivating new EP, ‘Don’t Let It Go’, delivering three solid and constantly shifting tracks that will have you enraptured.

Known for his intersecting influences, samples, and sounds, Keinewave has been building up to the release of his EP for some time, sharing a string of diverse and fiercely original tracks throughout 2023. The new EP however, is a cut above the rest, perfectly illustrating the artist’s inimitable style and constantly pushing to explore new creative ground.

Throughout the three track release, which sees the titanic title track joined by the immersive ‘What You’ve Done’ and ‘Restless’, Keinewave delivers an relentless stream of magical moments, shifting focus and style with ease, while ensuring every transition is as seamless and beautiful as the next. The title track, with its opening line of droning chords and light piano keys away in modulated sounds is instantly enticing, but when the song shift, and the vocals kick alongside scintillating synth tones and escalating house dynamics, Keinewave proves he’s on a whole new creative level.

The restless nature of the EP is played to perfection, and even in the more pristine, soulful moments ‘What You’ve Done’, or the rampant energy of ‘Restless’, Keinewave keeps you right on the edge of your seat and demanding to know what’s coming next. 

By combining and intersecting a variety of influences, samples and sounds, Keinewave has created a truly original and enjoyable release within his new EP, showcasing a huge breadth of talent and artistry to bring the tracks to life. Building his own worlds of intricate soundscapes, shuffling rhythms and experimental genre-defying bangers, ‘Don’t Let Go’ proves he’s one of this year’s big breakthrough talents.

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