Melbourne’s Sweet Arrow showcase their growth with new single ‘Hold On’

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A talented duo composed of Xavier Diaz and Nathan Tamburro, Sweet Arrow have been wearing magical music together since 2015, creating impressive musical journeys and emotive performances that have resonated with fans Australia-wide. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on one of their most recent and moving singles, the evocative ‘Hold On’.

A track about not giving up on life, ‘Hold On’ is an impressive testament to the band’s growth and prowess within the industry, bursting into life with a beautiful guitar intro. With the stage set, Xavier and Nathan build their sound with waves of seamless drums, commanding vocals, and rich, memorable moments. Xavier’s delivery is powerful and emotive, creating an instant connection with the listener and allowing his lyrics to effortlessly wrap around you.

Nathan’s guitar work is another central part of the track, adding layers of depth and dimension to the track, while keeping it sharp, progressive, and poignant. The production is solid, and everything combines to create a shifting sonic soundscape that will stay with you long after the song has faded.

A captivating musical journey that combines stellar vocals, impressive guitar work, and a wonderfully modern sound, ‘Hold On’ is a testament to the duo’s growth and talents within the music scene. You can stream the single now on all your favourite platforms.

Speaking openly about the single, the band shared, “The lyrics are thought provoking, relatable and meaningful. The track is uplifting and energetic with the mood to inspire, filled with sweet guitar licks from start to finish.”

As the duo continue to expand and evolve their sound, they’re showing all the hallmarks of something truly great. Armed with an innate ability to create original, memorable, and harmonious tracks, Sweet Arrow are a band on the rise.

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