Space Cadet 64 returns to his glitchy math rock roots in epic new single

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A unique and brilliant project where glitchy chiptune math rock comes to life through a Nintendo 3DS program, a guitar, and a bunch of pedals, Space Cadet 64 has unveiled his new single ‘Maybe on my deathbed I'll say sorry for talking shit on anime so much’.

Originally left as an early demo in 2015, the new single is an impressive call back to the enigmatic artist’s roots, dusted off and fine tuned in preparation for his upcoming EP, ‘Disappointingly Bassic’. Packed to the brim with energetic sounds, the new and long-titled track was reworked and revitalised during the COVID lockdowns when all Melbourne had was time. An intricate mix of retro game aesthetics, glitching percussion, tapping guitar, lush layers of electronics, and Space Cadet 64’s own idiosyncratic time signature trickery.

Built around a sense of fun and tongue-in-cheek humour, ‘Maybe on my deathbed I'll say sorry for talking shit on anime so much’ sees the artist in a state of flux, taking stock of his old material, while also looking forward to new musical spaces. The result is a track steeped in ideas and contrasts, with his free creativity pinned to complex progressions and evolving passages that transcend musical norms.

Speaking openly about the single and his upcoming EP, Space Cadet 64 shared, “The new EP is a whirlwind of emotive electronics, glitching percussion, intricate tapping guitar, crashing breakdowns, atmospheric ambience, and retro gaming influence. Following on from my first EP, I continue to utilise Rytmik, a music sequencing app for the Nintendo DS console family, pushing the program further and harder to create my most complex compositions yet.”

He continued, “While returning to the same electronic math rock style as the first EP, ‘Disappointingly Bassic’ carves out a more defined sonic identity with more layers of lush electronics and a further lean into chiptune aesthetics. This is all led by my signature effect laden tapping guitar, with unmistakable influence from guitarists like Nick Reinhart, and crammed into detailed, short songs to create a succinct and neatly wrapped package.”

Space Cadet 64 has been an on-and-off project for the Melbourne-based artist, charting over a decade of music, evolution, and sporadic releases. Having performed locally and interstate, including the Festable festival in Tasmania, Space Cadet 64 is a unique project making music on his own terms.

You can stream the new single above via Spotify, along with his debut EP ‘Clinically Guitarded’, which was self-released back in 2014. An artist to watch, make sure you keep an eye out for the new EP which will drop later this year, and promises to serve as a massive step forward in stylistic focus and polish.

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