Michele Krause – ‘Erik's Song’

A wonderfully talented artist who first began playing the piano at the tender age of five, Michele Krause is quietly becoming one of the instrument’s most captivating new talents. With a string of compositions to her name, she’s a natural talent making the music that matters most to her, and it’s an absolute joy to hear.

A registered nurse by day, Michele first began recording music at the age of thirty-nine, releasing her music online via Soundcloud and Spotify, searching for an audience to appreciate it. While her recordings are relatively new, Michele has always had a passion for creating her own compositions, as she explained, “My older sisters were receiving formal lessons, but I was too young to start. I could sit and play a tune on my own in no time. Soon, lessons started for me. I’ve never stopped writing my own music, but recently started recording my music so I could share some of what had been the driving force behind me.”

Her debut release, and the first taste of her music alongside the stunning ‘Through Time’, ‘Erik’s Song’ is a piece inspired by the timeless sounds of Hans Zimmer, offering a heartfelt, piano melody that shines with warmth and light human touches. A piece that is wonderfully emotive, and utterly captivating throughout its nearly four-minute runtime, ‘Erik’s Song’ is a release that will get under your skin and linger perfectly.

Available now on most major platforms, and as part of our classical and piano-based playlists, the single shines with spirited keys and gorgeous harmonies, creating a magic moment that sweeps away the grey every day. Check it out below via Spotify.

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Along with her two debut compositions, Michele is also championing her Instagram page, where she published her work and looks to connect with people who appreciate piano music. Moving forward, she’s also teased what is still to come, saying, “I am currently working on creating some orchestral musical compositions. Music is my passion, and I'm hoping I can share more of it in the future.”

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