Mike Gesus – ‘Win Win All 20’s Long’

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One of Portland, Oregon’s most exciting rap talents, Mike Gesus has been steadily building his legacy ever since he wrote his first rap at just fifteen years old. A Milwaukee native who spends his time going back and forth between the twin cities, Mike has grown tremendously over the past fifteen years, releasing a string of titanic hip-hop singles, several EP’s, and even launching his own company and label, G Files Ent.

An undeniable talent, Mike has recently taken the bold step of unleashing his latest six-track EP, and we’re so damn proud to feature it. Titled ‘Win Win All 20’s Long’, the new EP is a sharp illustration of Mike’s talents, as well as an authentic look into his formative years and the moments that made. Featuring six tracks and some stellar guest spots by local talents Philthy Phil and Air Domo, there’s plenty to unpack and enjoy, and it all begins with the brilliant opening cut, ‘G Files Ent.’

A unique hip-hop anthem that has well and truly earned a spot on our Spotify playlists, ‘G Files Ent.’  Is Mike at his very best, delivering a smooth blend of timeless, hip-hop beats, layered verse, and hard-hitting rhymes. On second cut, ‘Rough Like Xzema’, Mike doubles down on some clever wordplay and intoxicating beats, delivering his own take on some golden hip-hop sounds, while in closing tracks ‘RNA’ and ‘WWA2L’, he unleashes a dark wave of sounds that will have even the most stoic of rap fans under his spell. It’s an unforgettable mix and one that will surely see Mike taking over Portland’s hip-hop scene in a matter of months.

Check out the full EP on Spotify below, and don’t forget to tune into our dedicated hip-hop playlist where you can find lead singles ‘G Files Ent.’ alongside a massive selection of this year’s best independent rappers.

Easily one of the most impressive independent rap releases that you’ll hear this year, ‘Win Win All 20’s Long’ is filled with highlights and hard-hitting moments that perfectly complement Mike’s talents. A rare release that will have you enraptured, it’s essential new listening for all rap fans.

Check it out above and make sure you follow Mike on Spotify and his social media pages below, so you never miss a release on his way to the top.

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