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Mike Trask – ‘TV Dinner’

  • 2 min read

With an inimitable vocal style and raucous live shows, Mike Trask has become a staple of the east coast music community. With a unique sound that evocatively blends acoustic rock with contemporary blues, Mike has created a unique songwriting legacy that deconstructs traditional genre conventions and reshapes the familiar into something extraordinary.

His tenth studio album to date, and his first to be released on vinyl, ‘TV Dinner’ is a special collection that has been years in the making. After being heavily delayed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the album is a unique insight into Mike’s talents, and arrives as a complete creative vision, with Mike having performed nearly every instrument himself, on tape, at his recording studio MRC. A stunning natural progression of everything that Mike has toyed with up to this point, it’s an album that perfectly defines his style, sound, and enduring abilities.

An album that represents all of the facets of Mike’s musical journey so far, ‘TV Dinner’ brings to light a keen ear for melody that is perfectly balanced by an undeniable dive into more adventurous musical endeavours, laying a perfect platform for his engaging, wonderfully personal narratives. Centred upon a flowing strong rock sound and timeless Americana elements that evolved into dense, emotive soundscapes, the album reflects decades of folk and country sounds, while also dipping into rustic pools of progressive rock and alt-rock.

A thoroughly cohesive album that evolves into a unique aural experience, ‘TV Dinner’ is easily Mike’s most expansive and impressive release to date. You can stream the full album below via Spotify, along with lead single ‘All Digital’ on our playlists, and if you’re a fan of vinyl, make sure you head to Mike’s Bandcamp page where you can find limited edition pressings.

A unique and worthwhile listening experience, ‘TV Dinner’ proves that Mike is still growing as an artist and that he’s not afraid to really push his limits. While he’s always been willing to immerse himself in the music and explore new multi-textured, multi-genre territories, the new album is much more than just Mike continuing to express himself, it’s the sound of him coming into his own.

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