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Moes Glory – ‘NOTO’

  • 2 min read

A rising EDM artist and producer born under the neon lights and club anthems that shine across the United States, Moes Glory has become a central figure throughout the contemporary club scene. After starting his career this year with his debut single 'Paparazzi', Moes has garnered over 100,000 streams, an incredible feat that acts as a testament to his musical abilities.

An innovative talent, Moes' music blends a diverse range of genres, borrowing from EDM, house, electro-pop, and even more modern R&B to create a sound that is wonderfully unique and utterly undeniable. Inspired to create music that will excite his fans and creates a true sense of euphoria, Moes has become known for his vibrant transcendental tracks and captivating melodies which are balanced perfectly between high-spirited tempos and truly engaging energy.

Speaking about his music, Moes explained, "I want my music to cause people to want to think about living in the moment and only worry about having a good time. I want my music to be the first thing people look for when they want the DJ to make sure everyone's dancing and having at the late-night events."

His latest single, 'NOTO' is a rampant piece of EDM brilliance, offering a spirited dance sound that is cleverly infused with more expressive electronic elements. Built upon a dynamic, shifting melody that brings the excitement of a club anthem right into your home, the single is bold, polished, and perfect for any night out.

With over 18,000 streams on Spotify already, 'NOTO' has become a breakthrough anthem for Moes, putting him right at the forefront of the club scene. Bold, bright, and brilliant, the single has become a favourite among fans and venues, as Moes explains, "NOTO is a club in Philadelphia that I frequently visit, and that is where the song got its name. The club NOTO evening plays my track 'NOTO' most nights which is insane to me.”

Available now on all major platforms, ‘NOTO’ is an essential release for any fan of spirited EDM anthems. Along with his music on Spotify, Moes is also creating an impressive space on Instagram, where he posts about his interests, music, and fashion, and even reposts stories where his fans have made videos of themselves listening to his music.

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