Mortal Prophets Resurrects Lost Musical Treasure with New EP 'Meine Liebe'

In a world of fleeting trends, Mortal Prophets, AKA the enduring John Beckmann, along with NYC producer David Sisko, offer a timeless musical journey with their new EP, 'Meine Liebe'. This captivating project revives a forgotten musical artefact unearthed by Beckmann in a Munich record store back in 2018, joining the present and past in a joyous new space.

The enigmatic acetate found by Beckmann, simply bearing the title 'Meine Liebe' but no artist, perfectly hints at the haunting beauty of German opera intertwined with the pulsating energy of European electronica and new-wave. Driven by curiosity and a passion for musical archaeology, Beckmann and Sisko embarked on a quest to reimagine this lost gem. The result is a six-track EP, featuring a meticulous recreation of the original mono pressing, a contemporary stereo mix, and four exhilarating electronica and trip-hop renditions.

Together, Beckmann and Sisko have done an incredible job reviving and reimagining this lost musical treasure. From the hauntingly beautiful 'Weimar Tango' to the mesmerising 'Cologne 77', and of course, the electrifying 'Belgian Club Mix,' each track offers a unique and captivating experience. Seamlessly blending historical sounds and beguiling musical mystery with modern electronica and trip-hop, it's an essential and original release.

With 'Meine Liebe', Mortal Prophets and David Sisko not only breathe new life into a forgotten musical artifact but also pay homage to the rich tapestry of alternative music history. This collaboration is a testament to the enduring power of music, where past and present intertwine in a symphony of endless possibilities.

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