Munich’s 8tcho delivers a dizzying blend of electronics and pop in the ‘Bucketlist’ EP

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An enigmatic former electro, big beat, and house DJ, 8tcho has spent the last few years cultivating his online presence, filling streaming services with layered electro-pop anthems that call back to the golden age of rave sounds, drum’n’bass, and classical house music. Armed with seemingly unlimited creativity and an undeniably passion, the Munich-based artist is working hard to make his mark.

His debut release, and the EP that spurned on several singles like ‘A Slap of Demons’ and ‘Darkness Lighter, ‘Bucketlist’ is a personal and musical triumph, seeing the rising artist carving out a new path through his music. Built on three original tracks, the EP is a kaleidoscopic blend of sounds and styles, with 8tcho layering dance beats, club energy, pop aesthetics and more into an incandescent musical journey. There is a familiar trend and melodic touch that keeps the three tracks bound together, shifting almost seamlessly from one to the next, while 8tcho carefully twists each sound to create something new and utterly engaging.

Speaking about the EP and his style, 8tcho shared with us, “My speciality is that I do tracks that feel like they are already a mix of two or more songs. Like a musical collage, but I like the music to speak for itself. There are a lot of genres I like and do music, Electro House, Trip Hop, Rave Sounds, Classical House Music, Jungle and Drum´n´Bass.”

Proving he’s an artist to watch, the ‘Bucketlist’ EP is a glistening illustration of 8tcho’s sound, pulling no punches and charging forward with a vibrant weave of techno-colour sounds and undeniable ideas. You can stream the full EP now via Spotify, and make sure you check out 8tcho’s Instagram below for more news on upcoming releases.

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