Launceston’s Last Word deliver their highly charged new single ‘Fear What You Will Find’

  • 2 min read

A passionate and extremely driven band from the heart of Tasmania, Last Word have been carving out a prolific DIY path over the last year, capitalising on a fierce metalcore sound and seemingly unlimited creativity. After first coming under notice with debut single ‘Of A Lost Soul’, the talented four-piece have been laying claim to Australia’s independent scene, taking on all challenges with conviction and determination.

Their latest single, and the band’s fifth release so far, ‘Fear What You Will Find’ is another solid anthem from the band, showcasing their ability to write hard-hitting metal cuts that blend seamlessly with emotive vocals, driving melodies, and a riotous wall of sound. Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band, the song is a cohesive creative vision that encapsulates their sound and ethos, offering stark, but poetic lyrics and raw emotive moments that collide brilliantly with the heavier sound of the song.

Available now, ‘Fear What You Will Find’ is a powerful step in the right direction for the band, taking the lead from bands like Thrown and Knocked Loose, and then making their own indelible mark. You can stream the new single below via Spotify, and make sure to keep an eye on Last Word as they continue to grow and impress.

Speaking briefly with us, the band explained, “We have the ability to produce music at a very fast rate given we're completely DIY.” With more to come, there's never been to get in touch with one of Australia’s most promising metal outfits. A brilliant pairing of Joel Hallam (guitar, production and backup vocals), Time Bird (vocals and lyrics), Ryan Barker (bass and vocals), and Levi Kirkpatrick (drums), Last Word have cemented themselves as a band to watch this year.

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