MVSOCHIST's 'Fade Away' Tackles Dark Themes with Beauty and Brutality

Vienna-based metalcore band MVSOCHIST are carving their own path in the music scene with their unique blend of heavy breakdowns and catchy choruses. Their latest release, 'Fade Away', is no exception, tackling the weighty themes of bullying and suicidal ideation with raw honesty and emotional depth.

"The song deals a lot with the theme of bullying and contemplating suicide in the process," says the band. "There is a lot going on in the song, yet I think we managed to pull off some beauty in the chorus, yet have a brutal breakdown in the end of the song. It's easy to listen to yet feels like it's influencing your mood, which is good."

This juxtaposition of beauty and brutality is a hallmark of MVSOCHIST's sound, which the band describes as an "explosive mixture of hardcore and metalcore." It's a sound that has resonated with listeners, propelling their previous hits, 'Whispers' and now, 'Fade Away', to streaming success.

Since their formation, vocalist Alexander Painsipp, guitarist Vladislav Haranich, and drummer Mehmet Zeki have used their music to process personal struggles and inner demons. Themes of self-doubt, lost love, and the search for identity are woven throughout their lyrics, offering a raw and relatable glimpse into the human experience.

"The song is about bullying from the perspective of the victim contemplating suicide in the process," Painsipp explains, underscoring the band's commitment to using their platform to address difficult but important issues.

As MVSOCHIST continue to make waves in the music world, their ultimate goal is to reach people's hearts and leave a lasting impact. Keep an eye on their official website and social media channels for the latest updates and be sure to check out 'Fade Away' for a taste of what's to come.

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