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Nadia Borelli - 'I’m Not Scared'

  • 2 min read

A talented singer, songwriter, and actress best known for her comedic performances on The CE and Showtime networks, Nadia Borelli has recently shared her brand new single, 'I'm Not Scared'. An evocative release, the single about embracing all the possibilities life gives us.

Taken from her upcoming record, 'Water Sun Fire Moon', a multi-genre release that is coloured by different sounds and styles, the new single is a life affirming pop anthem that leans on Nadia's influences of Regina Spektor and Sara Bareilles. A song about overcoming your fear and embracing new paths in life, ‘I’m Not Scared’ embodies Nadia’s love for joyful melodies and danceable rhythms, perfectly capturing the essence of love and liberation.

Speaking candidly about the new single, Nadia explained, "’I'm Not Scared" is about abandoning all reasons one's ever been given in life and love to be afraid, and embracing the possibilities of the present moment. It sounds dreamy, ethereal, and what falling in love feels like. It was written in Leo season, and was released in Leo season, on August 18th, one year and four days from its conception, and is definitely a Leo.”

She continued, "The song presented itself to me as I was waking up, pinned down by a sleeping summer love, but not complaining, and the line floated by: 'I'll be writing your song till you wake up,' and I just hoped I remembered it. The song is my affirmation anthem now."

The forthcoming album, ‘Water Sun Fire Moon’ is set to be released in four parts, with each part titled after the elements. The album is set to illustrate the duelling interplay within Nadia’s astrological chart, touching on the nurturing Cancer Sun sign and the free-spirited Sagittarius Moon sign.

Nadia added more about the album, saying, “Sun's primary genre is pop, Water's main influence is blues-pop, Fire's main influence will be pop-rock, and Moon's main influence will be sad pop. The title alludes to the conflicting experiences of having a sun sign in Cancer and a moon sign in Sagittarius.”

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