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Hal Savar - ‘Intoxicated Love’

  • 2 min read

An American singer-songwriter, best known for his powerful, raspy vocals, percussive guitar playing style, and interactive live shows, Hal Savar has unleashed another impressive single that is destined to stand tall as one of his catchiest to date. Titled ‘Intoxicated Love’, the track sees Hal leaning on some old school sounds, while also pushing to create a modern pop anthem that you can’t help but bob your head to.

Armed with a sound that seamlessly blends elements of folk, rock, and blues into a deeply melodic pop sound, Hal has been carving his way through the music world for years now. Born in Philadelphia, and raised in multiple states across the country in a military family, music was the one thing that made him feel better when he was lonely or sad. After teaching himself to play guitar, sing, and write songs, Hal’s passion grew into a gift he needed to share, and so at the age of twenty-two, he set out to make a name for himself.

More recently, Hal has been releasing new music every five to eight weeks, taking this year by storm with a prolific and powerful stream of music. His latest single, ‘Intoxicated Love’ sees Hal on top form, delivering a timeless, wonderfully engaging track that is simply impossible to deny. Built on Hal’s signature blend of pop and Americana, along with his soulful, raspy vocals, and charismatic charm, the single is a heartfelt ode to the nice guys who give everything for love. Available now on all major platforms, it’s a welcome return from Hal, and a fun-filled introduction to those not yet acquainted with Hal’s music.

Speaking about the new single, Hal shared, “I really set out to write a fun song. Something people couldn't help but bob their heads to in the car and I thought it was time for nice guys to have a little anthem about the girls that take them for granted! I really wanted the song to have a throwback to The Doors or the Animals kind of Vibe but then bring it into a modern pop feel! Hopefully, mission accomplished!”

To date, Hal has already had an incredibly successful career, playing stages across Las Vegas and the greater United States. In the summer of 2021, Hal took his family on the road and independently shot a docuseries called ‘Highway to Hal’ about live music across the country as well as his own impressive journey.

Hal continues to champion the Las Vegas original music scene, as well as creating and performing music that comes from his soul. Recently, he’s been sharing new music without fail, delivering a string of impressive singles throughout the year. For more of Hal’s music, be sure to check out his Spotify and Instagram pages below.

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