Nadia Kazmi – ‘Have You Here’

  • 2 min read

A brilliant Canadian artist with a powerful indie sound, Nadia Kazmi has made a name for herself in the Brooklyn music scene. Combining dark and poetic lyrics, with her skill for writing catchy hooks and vibrant rock melodies, Nadia has made her mark in the best of ways, delivering undeniable tracks like the gorgeous, ‘Have You Here’.

The powerful first single from her upcoming full-length LP, which is slated for release in Spring of 2023, ‘Have You Here’ is a stark indie-rock anthem, delivering a relentless driving beat reminiscent of Patti Smith's raw electricity. Pushing further, the track hits harder with layered synth arrangements, giving it a distinctive modern edge. Inspired by the nostalgia of her own youth, but also the enduring power of first love that captures people's hearts and minds, this song was made for long road trips and blasting it on road trips on hot summer nights when you think back to the one that got away.

For Kazmi, making music is about more than just following the trends – it’s about expressing herself and connecting with her audience on a deeper level. Whether she’s writing a new song or performing live, Kazmi always brings her signature energy and passion to her music. Offering a modern and refreshing take on performance and creating music is what it means to Kazmi to be a female in the music industry today. Incorporating genres that reach far beyond the tropes of the safe musician, she creates a distinctive sound in the crowded marketplace that brings to mind the work of Kate Bush, Sharon Van Etten, Patti Smith, and PJ Harvey.

If you’re looking for an artist that is able to continue to give their audience something to enjoy, Nadia Kazmi is definitely someone you should turn your attention to. One of the best singles of the year to date, ‘Have You Here’ is an essential new release that demands to be heard.

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